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Spring 2019 Update:

We got snagged by the anthracnose (fungus) problem last Fall…

…the plants came out of Canada with a disease and,

long story short, we never even received

21,000 of the 28,000 plants we ordered.

Needless to say, that doesn’t make for a good u-pick season

Thank you,

The J5 Crew

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The Healthy, Home-Grown Approach

J5 Farm is the home of Stilwell U-Pick & is a picturesque 135-acre property nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks.  It’s situated just to the West of Twist Mountain, a Trail of Tears end-point, in the Piney community near Stilwell.  Here we exercise our God-given mandate to take dominion over the Earth, while working cooperatively with nature, to create a place where we work and produce fod that we eat.  Through Stilwell U-Pick, we are preseving the heritage & tradition of Stilwell as the “Strawberry Capital of the World,” while allowing the public a unique opportunity to share in the joy!


Stilwell U-Pick helps food-conscience folks “source local” & allows proud Stilwell Strawberry fans to actively participate in harvesting this famous crop that serves as the Oklahoma State Fruit.  Prior to J5 Farm opening Stilwell U-Pick, public picking was a thing of the past & more than 99% of acreage once devoted to strawberries had vanished.

Premium Quality

Local berries not only provide the public with hands-on participation in this historic past time, but also means Stilwell U-Pick Customers enjoy the premier fresh-market varieties that could never be mass-produced on factory farms & shipped to chain grocers.  The juiciest berries are meant to be enjoyed in real time, not weeks after harvest.


Stilwell U-Pick not only provides the premium cultivars enjoyed by “pick-your-own” afficionados from Arkasas to the East Coast, but also ensures customers get the freshest berries around.  Strawberries “redden,” but they don’t “ripen” after harvest (like bananas).  So there’s simply nothing like you enjoying what YOU picked… in real time!

Stilwell, Okla.

During the Great Depression and World War II, strawberries became a major crop in Adair County. In 1948, the first Stilwell Strawberry Festival was organized. In 1949, the state governor and legislature proclaimed Stilwell as “Strawberry Capital of the World.” At one time there were about two thousand acres devoted to strawberries, but more than 99% of those acres are gone. In 2017 there will be less than 20 acres of strawberries in Stilwell. Cultivating agricultural interests in the youth is the only hope for this icon of Stilwell to have a bright future.

State-Of-The-Art Plasticulture

Firm-packed, raised beds with tight, machine-stretched plastic and sub-surface drip irrigation create numerous advantages… including:


More effective & efficient harvest


Less weed pressure, thus reduced herbicide use

Directed ferilizers protect the environment
Evaporation reduction converves water
Thermal absorption create early spring berries
Everyone loves our fresh strawberries!
“These were the sweetest, juiciest berries I’ve every had!”
Sue Smith
Clean Eats Momma Blog
“It’s great being able to pick your own. No more wondering what the berries beneath the surface look like.”
Barbara Schumaker
CEO, Rockstar Company
“The kids loved a trip to the farm. Food, family, fun!”
Mark Jones
Bookkeeper, Self Employed

Farm Fresh Strawberry Taste-Test Challenge

Compare our fresh-picked berries to what was picked last week & finally hit the produce section of your grocery store. You’ll never think of strawberries the same again. Come to think of it, you might just decide you’ve never actually had a REAL strawberry… until now!
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